6 June, 2016

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Owning a business as you know; can be stressful and time consuming at the best of times. Add in running a household, having children, trying to be a good friend and partner and well, everyone could forgive you for losing your mind every now and then!

I started to make the move out of my beauty therapy position at my salon about 4.5 years ago ( there were a few steps I took before I was full time at home with my new baby, I’ll talk about those in a different blog ). As I was doing this, I quickly realised I needed to start running my salon as a business owner and not just a therapist. After removing myself from doing clients I found I had no idea how to be a boss or what I should be doing. I was lost and a little scared about what I was going to do. I had to figure it out quick, I tried a few different business coaches but they cost me thousands of dollars and none actually gave me the hand holding leadership I needed or wanted at the time.


I was heavily pregnant and needed a plan quick! And to add more drama to the situation I was sick all day and night and in the end  I had to have an emergency caesarean, which had me in hospital for 5 days unable to do anything but learn how to be a mummy.

Once I was home; I had to come up with a way that would allow me to run my business and make sure money was still coming in so that I could stay at home with my baby (Now I have two babies and it’s even more important!).


I will share some of the tools that help me run my business from home usually via my iPhone or laptop.



This social app really has changed the world. It’s no longer  just a place to catch up with friends but a place you can build a business from and keep in touch with staff. I have a business page where I post special deals and comments to reach our clients and fans. I pay for advertising and promote any deals of the month we may have. I also have a staff only group which I can post info, general ideas and discussion with the staff.




Gmail (by Google) has been great for setting up a salon email address and personal email for my manager. These email addresses can have your business domain name ie. I can send my manager email from my iPhone if something pops in to my head and I need her to do or check something while I’m out and about. We also use this for stock orders and payroll questions.

For the rest of my tools Click on this link here to download my FREE guide! 


Jessica xx


Can you make money from nails?

8 February, 2016
To some nails and beauty can be a fun hobby – painting nails and collecting a massive amount of polishes (with no where to put them all!). Or it can be an potential career, where you can make money and have a great time doing it.
If you’re thinking about having a career in the nail industry – I think you’re onto a winner. I have experienced first hand the impact the nail industry can have when it became a turning point in my business back in 2010 and the good news is, it’s only getting better.

The nail industry is booming. It makes me very excited at the possibilities in front of us and where our careers can take us.

I recently read an article from Scratch Magazine UK highlighting the US nail and beauty industry was worth $8.26 BILLION dollars in 2013. And only 1 year later it had increased to $8.52 BILLION dollars! An industry that is increasing in size is one that you want to be a part of.
Women are taking more care of themselves than even before and more salons are opening up around the world. Companies like Jamberry, Gelish and brands with nail professionals behind them like Tom Bachik with L’OREAL are bringing nail care to even more women. The bottom line is, it’s all good news for the nail industry and nail professionals.
Women are looking for ways to care for their nails and they NEED and WANT professional advice to go along with that. It is up to us to put ourselves out there and provide the best service we can in order to get a cut of that $8.52 BILLION dollars. The dramatic increase in the amount of nail salons over the last 6 to 7 years proves there is a demand for it. Unfortunately there are salons and nail techs out there with little to no skill or education on the right way to provide an exceptional service.
This never scared me as a business owner and as a nail tech – it only encouraged me to make sure I was providing a better service and an education experience for my client. I had more and more enquiries from women who wanted and needed help after experiencing a BAD salon (i’ll go into more detail on what a bad salon is in another post).
This made it possible for me to expand my business by taking over a whole new space next door to my little salon, hiring 3 new staff members and really hit the ground running with nail and pedicures services.
If done correctly, you can make serious money from nails and beauty without running yourself into the ground. You can also have the free time to be there for your children and family along with a successful business.
If you have been thinking about learning how to do nails or maybe you have always wanted to improve your skill level enough to be confident to go out on your own and rent a chair or start your own amazing business, now is the time to start to put your action plan together. My plan is to help women just like you on this journey by sharing my tips, tricks and education on how to build your very own nail business. Each week I will be sharing stories and guides on how I did it and ideas for you to put in to action yourself.
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