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Helping passionate beauty professionals to build a profitable business without the overwhelm


Ready to try something different and put yourself on the path to building your empire? 

Whether your dream is to work on your own and build a 6 figure business or build a team and turn your business into an asset this mastermind will show you what it is you need to be focusing on and implementing inside your business in 2021. 

Do you dream about:

  • Your days being filled with supporting your business, staff or clients. 
  • Focusing on services and products that light you up that you are excited to talk to people about them all day long.
  • Building a team of staff that work to serve your clients and support you in your business. 
  • Being able to work with your favourite clients when you want and not being tied to the table.
  • Being able to take days off whenever you want and not feel guilty 
  • Having all the day to day tasks of your business running so smoothly the only thing you need to do is check your bank account. 
  • Does growing your revenue working fewer hours and still managing to bring in a full-time wage seems almost like a dream?

Is it a hell yes? then keep reading.

Does growing your revenue working fewer hours and still managing to bring in a full-time wage seems almost like a dream?

Sounds almost too good to be true? Well, it is possible because I did all of it inside my own small beauty business with a strategy put in place to reach those goals.

If You have been working in your business for a few years but can’t seem to get a grip on how to make this thing work around your life or grow it to the next level? Lost wondering what the next level even is? This mastermind is designed just for you. If you are ready to take yourself and your business to the next level with someone that has been there and done it and has the cheque to prove it. 

I know the frustrations of wanting so desperately to be successful inside of your business but not knowing where to start, wanting to figure out a way to grow the business without having to work more hours and miss out on important milestones in my life. 

I’ve had the nights of tears because the feeling of overwhelmed felt like a weight too heavy to bare, the thought of having to face another day wondering how I was going to get through a busy day, or wondering what I should be focusing on to grow the business and ensure I had a consistent flow of clients coming in to build my own column and my staff column. 

Dealing with demanding clients while trying to cook dinner or bath the kids is just yet another pain point I felt came with owning the business. Not being able to switch off at night because I was worried about what tomorrow would bring.

But I changed it all around and went from worry and despair to complete ease and flow with building the business, working less than 5 hours a week and selling the business for 6 figures.  

The moment I realised I needed to become the CEO of my business and not the worker. I got real with myself and started to focus on building a business that worked around me.

This mastermind is that framework tied with coaching to walk you through each stage and be there for all the questions you will have.

 What your business needs is a leader and that leader is you.

YOU are the secret. 

The strategies and systems help but getting you primed to be the leader and CEO of your business is the key to building your empire.

Ready to try something different and put yourself on the path of building your empire?

I’m Jessica

 I have been where you are right now, I bought my small 1 women beauty salon business back in 2008. It had no structure, no staff, no manual on how to run it and the old owner tried to take a chunk of the good clients with her when she opened up down the road. (insert eye roll  😅 )

I was on my own at the age of 24 with a dream, no idea on how I was going to build my own empire and debt.  What I did have was a dream and determination to build a business to support my future life.

 I was able to turn my small nail salon earning less than $60,000 a year into a multiple 6 figure salon with a team of staff and stepped away from doing clients when I fell pregnant with my first child.

I turned it into a well-oiled machine to allow me the freedom to be more than a slave tied to my business. I was able to remove myself from fulltime clients to step away to work ON the business from home while I had my babies, allowing me to be home while I was learning how to be a mother.

I sold my business in 2018 for nearly 10X what I paid for it and walked away with a 6 figure cheque to be able to move on to what I really wanted to do now which is helping other women build their own version of success through coaching.

Join me in this 3-month coaching program to unlock your true potential and start building your beauty business into your dream business

the beauty ceo mastermind

Everything you get in the Beauty CEO Mastermind

Foundation members price and access to the program and private coaching

  • This is founding members pricing and access to my Beauty CEO framework. You have life time access to the framework & this is the only round you will have such close access to coaching 1:1 with me.


  • 1 x 1 hour 1:1 coaching call with Jessica where we will deep dive into your business and work on your goals and uncover any areas of growth.   You’ll also get the recording of each call & action steps to focus on keeping you on track.  (value $297)


  • 4 x 45 min 1:1  Coaching Calls over 3 months, held on Zoom, where you’ll be able to mastermind with other business owners and ask Jessica anything about your business, struggles, get feedback on your biz, brainstorm ideas & anything else you need to support you reaching your business goals (value $1500)


  • Beauty CEO Framework Modules every 2 weeks a new lesson will drop  Social Media, attracting clients, money mindset, how to add digital products to your business, building a team plus more ($1,500 value)


Total $3,297

Join before Wednesday, Jan 27th For Founding member Pricing 

PLUS Lifetime Access to the recorded lessons from my Beauty CEO framework

What Others Say

“Jessica has given me the confidence to put structure and learning in place, to not just sell but to inform and carry it right through to checkout and rebooking. Jessica’s mentoring has been the biggest booster for my salon, we have upped sales revenue by over 100% in 12 months, 3 new staff members were added and client retention is hovering around 87%. After working with Jess I can proudly now say I have my own multiple 6 figure salon which is growing more and more each week and I can’t wait to continue our mentoring sessions in the future!”

“Jessica has been wonderful to work with. She’s friendly and easy to talk to. Jessica made it easy for me to open up about my business struggles, she has helped me regain my confidence, given me the motivation to start on my business goals and has helped me to create a healthy work/lifestyle balance. I highly recommend Jessica’s services to anyone starting out a new beauty business, I wish I had someone like her around when I first started.”

 “Jessica thank you for your help in our 1:1 session. I was able to price my services with confidence, build my clientele where now i’m booked out even after covid and i’ve added retail to my home salon which has been a huge boost to my income. Having you to bounce ideas of has been great.

Evonne .

7 Modules

Time To Become


Every business needs a leader and there is no better leader than you. We will be focusing in on you and turning your core beliefs around to grow you in to the CEO

Becoming The Expert

Positioning your self as the expert and telling the world about your business.

Clients On Auto Pilot

I’m going to walk you through my C.E.O.M system and get your marketing system working autopilot to create more freedom and a consistent flow of clients.

Building Your Dream Team

We will look at what sort of team you need to support your business. whether that’s a full team of staff or your side support team that allows you to focus on your clients. we will work over all the details.

Selling like a CEO

We will deep dive into all areas of selling on social media and in salon. going over your existing services and packages, looking at pricing and overall performance.

Money Mindset

Money blocks are a huge area of resistance in business and life, we will look at what they, how they affect your business and why every single person needs to work on them consistently .

BONUS Module Digtal Products

If 2020 didn’t shake us enough we all became aware of how important it is to have multiple incomes. I wanted to add this topic in to open your mind up to the benefits of selling more online. we will brainstorm ideas for your business to be able to grow beyond servicing clients.

THE BEAUTY CEO 3 month mastermind

Is where we bring both elEments of straTgey and mindset to grow you into the CEO of your business and start making profitable decisions for your life and your business.


How It Works


Coaching Calls

You have 4 45X min 1:1 sessions with Jessica via Zoom to deep dive in on your business. 

7 Video Modules

We will work together to plan & systemise your business so you can focus on growing it.

Voice Messaging Support

You will receive unlimited Voice message support Monday – Friday. For any little questions or issues that arise.
This program is a highly intensive program perfect for those wanting to really learn what it takes to build a business.

Learning the key areas it takes to grow a business into a profitable beauty business that has a purpose and brings you happiness and fulfilment in your business.

You are learning from someone that has built a multiple 6 figure business, achieved goals set out for the business and life and worked through the ups and downs that come with being an entrepreneur.  Someone that then was able to sell a little beauty salon for nearly 10X what I paid for it. ( yes, I sold my salon for 6 figures) that was no accident. It was a planned and systemised process that I worked on for a number of years. There were plenty of ups and downs but now I’ve been through it and know what it takes, I can help you move in the right direction to get you where you want to go.

If you are ready to drop the excuses that you don’t have time
… You have tried everything and nothing is working
… You can’t charge more for your services
… You don’t know what you want to do with your business

Now is the time to step into your true self and learn how to become the CEO of your business.

Fully believing you have the power to change your life and business is the key to making massive change in your life.

Mastermind program will set you up to understand what it takes to run a business in 2021.

Your Investment

$997 Up Front Payment
or 3 monthly payments of $366

Limited spaces of 6 for this initial group

5  4 spots left


Feel free to reach out to me at jessica@kidner.com.au

Let's Do It!
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