Stephanie Mitchell interview on rise of the beauty ceo podcast

Season 1, Episode 14

Interview with Stephanie Mitchell from Sunnystorm Marketing

by | Nov 15, 2020 | Podcast

Today on the podcast I interview Stephanie Mitchell, My online business friend who is an online marketing coach for beauty business owners, teaching them how to grow their business and clientele with simple, authentic online marketing. 

She lives in Ottawa, Canada and is obsessed with Italian food, science fiction novels, and farm animals. Stephanie‘s marketing course The Facebook Formula For Salons has taught hundreds of beauty business owners how to attract dream clients with Facebook and Instagram advertising. 

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Show Notes

Rise of the Beauty CEO loves to highlight all the other jobs roles we need to think about when it comes to growing our business. Marketing IS the biggest part of our new role in owning a business. Stephanie Mitchell is an online marketing guru who specialises in the beauty industry. 

We talk all things business and what 2020 has done to our industry this year and what are we need to focus on for 2021 to be a successful and profitable year starting with self-belief and strategy. 

Links mentioned in the podcast 

My interview on email marketing with her here – https://sunnystorm.marketing/blog/earn-more-money-with-email-marketing-for-your-salon

Hosts & Guests

Jessica Kidner

Stephanie Mitchell – Sunnystorm Marketing

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