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I love showcasing guests on the Rise of the beauty CEO podcast. If you feel this is a good fit all you have to do is fill in the application form and I’ll get back to you.

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Hello,  Thank you for taking the time to consider being a guest on Rise of the beautyCEO Podcast!

This page aims to provide you with the information on what the podcast is about, check out what type of topics we talk about and where you can find the application form to connect with me to be a guest. 

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About the Rise of the beauty CEO podcast

This Podcast is aimed at the service based industry with a focus on the hair and beauty solo-preneurs.  

They are busy growing their business from the inside and this podcast helps them look at the bigger picture helping them with the concept of Marketing, business systems and confidence that they can build their business without the overwhelm. They know that mastering these key areas could be the secret to their success in biz and in life!

Rise of the Beauty CEO Podcast

Real Life Experience

With myself (Jessica)  as the host the listeners know that the stories, strategy and advice is coming from someone that has been in their shoes. Sharing everything I had learned first hand building a multiple 6 figure business while growing a family.


Marketing Strategy

I talk about how to create your own marketing strategy to gain dream clients, keep them happy and continue to grow the profits of their business.


Inspiring Action

I aim to inspire every listener to be able to trust herself to build the business she has always wanted. If I could do it, I’m here to guide the listeners with experts and examples.


Removing the overwhelm

Every business owner starts their business doing #allthethings We advocate for stepping into your beauty CEO self and learning how to delegate to help build the business and allow the owner to be able to enjoy biz and home life.

The Podcast Episodes Has Three Formats:

Bite-Sized Solo Episodes

We all know how “busy” we can be with biz and home life. By delivering bite-sized solo episodes for the busy business owner, I want them to get a quick win that can directly affect their business. They know with each episode they will get great actionable tips. My goal is to break down the barriers that have small biz owners feeling overwhelmed and lost with where to focus their time, building a team and create their own version of a business they love. Which will replace the overwhelm with a feeling of confidence, creativity, freedom and a belief they can grow their service-based business to work around their life with having the right support and systems to go out and build their business.


The second format is the guest interviews. This is where you come in! I have 2 types of interviews I like to share.

  1. The educational format where other professional businesses owners eg coaches or service-based owners come in to share their services + business advice and benefits to the listener on how your service or product can help them. 

The intention behind these episodes is to have the guest ( you) share knowledge of your business that could help the listeners.

The Salon Owners 

The second type of guest I like to have on are inspirational stories of other business owners sharing their experiences with building a business in the industry. The journey with overcoming objections and making the business work. Giving inspiration to the listener they aren’t alone and that people may face the same blocks as them but manage to get through them. I really want to support my audience and share their wins and show them there is support out there to grow their business.

rise of the beautyceo podcast

Sound like a podcast you want to be featured on? Awesome!

Please fill in this form to apply and I will get back to you within 3 business days.

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