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I’ve created easy templates for you to adapt for your beauty business with Canva.com

As a business owner of a multiple 6 figure salon, I was wearing all the hats in my business. Overrun with all my job roles and being pulled in all directions from staff, clients, landlords and family responsibility, I craved guidance and done for you solutions for every part of my business.

That’s when I discovered templates. I started using templates for every aspect of my business. from HR services to social media.

You could say I fell in love with Templates and now have designed templates and marketing cues for you to ad ease to your beauty business.

Now you too can use these beautiful templates I have created for you to use in your own way.

Done for you templates in Canva to set you up on the right path and get your message out there.


Purchase your bundle & you will receive a PDF in your email with the link to your templates inside of Canva. ( you will need to set up a free account with Canva)  Follow the link to Canva and ensure you make a copy of the templates to your own account. ( all fonts and images have been used in the Canva for free or Canva for work, you can change out the images to your personal ones)


Please note that due to the instant download of these templates refunds are not accepted. these are square templates for Instagram, you will have to make a copy of the file once in Canva, this will open up a new window with your copy of the file. please close my copy down. DO NOT EDIT MY COPY


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