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What Others Say

“Jessica has given me the confidence to put structure and learning in place, to not just sell but to inform and carry it right through to checkout and rebooking. Jessica’s mentoring has been the biggest booster for my salon, we have upped sales revenue by over 100% in 12 months, 3 new staff members were added and client retention is hovering around 87%. After working with Jess I can proudly now say I have my own multiple 6 figure salon which is growing more and more each week and I can’t wait to continue our mentoring sessions in the future!”


Salon Owner

“OMG, thank you so much for helping me with everything! I have literally woken up to messages of people wanting to book in all week. I’ve had 7 bookings just from this week! It’s paying off. So, thank you for giving me all the information AND giving me the tools to do those shit!  ”


Home Salon Owner

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