what type of beauty ceo are you

Season 1, Episode 15

What Type Of CEO Are You?

by | Nov 23, 2020 | Podcast

In this podcast episode, I talk about the 4 different types of Beauty CEOs out there and how to find out which one you are. Why would you want to know this you ask? Because once you discover your strengths and weaknesses you can use them to grow into your dream CEO.

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Show Notes

Ever wondered what your next step is to grow yourself and your business? 

Well, I have designed a quiz to help you figure that out. 

I’ve coached many different types of beauty businesses and I’ve been through all the different stages of Beauty CEO. From starting as a solo business owner and then moving through the different stages of CEO heading towards a profitable business. I have found 4 key areas most people fall into when it comes to growing their beauty business. When you discover what type of Beauty CEO you are, you will then know what path to take and what area you need to work in.

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Jessica Kidner



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